Conventional Series Milling Heads and CNC Series Milling Heads

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Angle Head

In addition to Oh Young’s heavy duty right angle milling heads, we also cooperate with elite companies to produce and sell light and small angle heads.
Among all the angle heads, the right angle milling heads are most widely used on vertical/horizontal machining centers, gantry milling machines and boring-milling machines. The right angle heads enable the machines to increase machining ranges without changing the machine structures, and can perform some specific machining work which conventional method cannot achieve. Besides, the right angle milling heads can reduce workpiece repeated clamping, and enhance machining precision and efficiency.
As to light and small angle heads, because of their light weight, high precision and small torsion, they can change tools in magazine automatically, and a suitable milling head will come out depending on operational needs. A milling head one-time-secured to the machine can mill any angle on a work piece. Such a small angle head can enter a small hole to mill a part while other tools cannot enter.


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